Architecture employment, it seems, is very much on the rise. With the recession of the past several years, there had been low levels of employment for professionals new to the field of architecture. Additionally, architectural firms experienced the type of lay-offs that plagued many American firms of all stripes. No doubt, the housing crisis of the past years caused a temporary slowdown of employment in architecture-related fields.

The good news is that in the past year or so, things are looking up as our economy starts to pick up a bit in recovery. The Architecture Billings Index measures productivity of the field of architecture as a whole. Based on this index, architecture employment is now on the rise. The year 2011 was far better in terms of architecture employment, including jobs for architects, draftsmen, designers, and other architecture professionals. 

It is hoped that this trend will continue through 2012 and beyond as the housing market gets back on its feet. As the real estate market recovers and businesses and homeowners begin to invest again in construction projects, architecture employment will become even more attractive as a career path. Those trained in CAD design, architectural engineers, draftsmen, interior designers, and other architecture-related careers will hopefully find increasing career opportunities waiting on the horizon.

If you are wondering whether a career in architecture is the way to go in this day and age, take comfort in the recent trends. Make sure you are well-positioned to take advantage of the improved job statistics. If you are looking to become an architect, now could be a great time to enroll in school and get your architecture degree. Or if you want to advance your architecture career, take courses that will polish your skills in important areas.

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