Do you have a passion for designing structures, and want your designs to leave a mark in the world?  Then, a career in architecture may be perfect for you.  Architects design buildings and other structures while factoring in aesthetics, functionality, safety and economy of a structure.  The outlook for architects is great, because people always need homes to live in, companies need buildings to operate from, and everyone utilizes some type of structure on a daily basis.  This is why architects have a twice greater rate of self-employment than other sectors.

To begin an architecture career, you must first be armed with a degree in architecture from one of the 114  architecture programs that are accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board.  The three main types of architectural programs are the 5 year bachelor’s degree, 2 year master’s, and 3-4 year master’s.  The most common type is the 5 year bachelor’s degree program.  However, it is important to know what area of architecture you want to specialize in, because it can be very difficult to switch specialties. 

Architectural programs normally include classes in building design with CAD, architectural history, math, physical science, and technology.  Central to the architectural program is the design studio, where students create 3 dimensional designs of products, and apply their knowledge and skills to their designs.  In addition to completing an accredited architecture program, you must go through a 3 year training period.  Many architecture students intern at architecture firms while in school and use that time to count toward their 3 year training.

After completing an architecture program, and 3 year training period, it is then time to obtain an architecture license.  Most students work under the supervision of a licensed architect after graduation.  To obtain a license, an architecture student must pass the architecture license.  Passing scores vary depend on the state.

The job outlook for architects is great.  Employment in the architecture field is expected to grow by 18%, which is faster than the average occupation.  There is a great demand for architects, and the innovative and creative architects will be able to stand out among the competition.  Also, with the increasing desire of many companies to go green, there will continue to be a greater demand for architects that can create sustainable designs that increase energy efficiency.  The average salary for an architect is around $64,150.  The highest ten percent earn more than $104,000, while the bottom ten percent earn less than $39,000.

A career in architecture promises many rewards and satisfactions.  Architects help to construct the spaces that people occupy on a daily basis.  Before preparing for an architecture career, be sure to research the various architecture specialties, so that you can choose the best program that is suited to your strengths and specialty.  While in school, try to intern at an architecture firm, or intern with a licensed architect.  The experience and education that you gain will help propel your architecture career in the direction that you desire.  Architecture provides a wonderful career that allows you to marry creativity with analytical skills, and the demand is great.  So, take steps now to prepare for a gratifying architecture career.

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