Antony Gormley (born 1950) is a British sculptor. Gormley completed his postgraduate studies in sculpture at the Slade School of Fine Art in London, and began exhibiting his work in 1981. By 1994, Gormley was commissioned to create the Angel of the North public sculpture in Gateshead, England. He went on to create other public sculptures for Liverpool, and later debuted a multi-part site installation in London, New York City, and most recently in Sao Paulo. Gormley’s work uses the human form as a subject and examines how the human body not only relates to public and private space, but how the body is itself a place in time. In many instances, the casts created for his creations are based on Gormley’s own figure.

Although his Angel of the North sculpture may be his most recognizable piece, Gormley’s Event Horizon work featured 31 life-sized casts of his body in cast iron and fiberglass. These figures were placed in multiple locations, meant to encourage the public to be more aware of their surroundings. Gormley’s work has been exhibited internationally, and he is the recipient of the 1994 Turner Prize, the 1999 South Bank Prize for Visual Art, and the 2007 Bernhard Heiliger Award for Sculpture.

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