Where else would an aspiring animator dream of studying and learning but in the heart of Hollywood? Truly, if you are looking for high-class education and cutting-edge technology, choose studying in one of the Los Angeles Animation Schools scattered around Hollywood. With so many choices to choose from, some of the mot famous Los Angeles Animation Schools are the Los Angeles Film School, located at Sunset and Ivar Boulevard in Hollywood. They offer Associate of Science in Computer Animation Degree program, this program offers only the latest technology and a first-hand view of the animation industry in the entertainment capital. We also have Platt College, wherein morning, afternoon and evening classes are offered with their Certificate of Multimedia Program. We also have ITT Technical Institute, which also offers the same programs. The advantage of living right in the center of the entertainment capital, these Los Angeles Animation Schools lets you get immersed in the real world of computer animation, preparing you for a variety of careers in the animation world once you graduated.

Aside from those advantages, it is known fact that Los Angeles, being the second largest city in the US, is one of the most diversified cities in the US, and you can see a range of both its professional and cultural fields, and who else would not want to live in it? It is the leader in popular entertainment, which is a treasure cove for aspiring animators who wants to make their mark in the entertainment industry. Los Angeles offers magnificent tourist attractions like the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the famous Hollywood sign, the Kodak Theatre,Hollywood Palladium, the Universal Studios in Hollywood, the Griffith Observatory and the Hollywood Bowl. If you want you could always take a stroll in Rodeo Drive, Melrose Avenue and Beverly Center, which are known to be the shopping destinations of famous Hollywood stars or you could visit some of Los Angeles’ world-class museums. You can also get a part-time job while studying by getting a job in one of the hot spots in Sunset Strip or in Downtown Los Angeles. Truly, you would never run out of places to go and see in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is a city created to entertain and to please. Since it consists of hundreds of different cultures, Los Angeles is a very colorful place to live in.

Being the entertainment capital of the US, Los Angeles’ economy largely depends on its international trade, mainly entertainment, fashion, clothing, tourism, technology and petroleum. Obviously, an aspiring animator would have a feast with what the industry could offer them. Its entertainment industry – namely the motion picture, television and music industry offers a wide variety of jobs where you could use and hone your talents. An animator bearing Hollywood’s global status as the entertainment leader would surely put him at the top of his game. All it takes is the right education and the proper training, and who could give it to them but the experts? Los Angeles Animation Schools knows just how to help you get that edge!


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