Hoping to get a career in drawing, illustration, and graphic design and making these creations come to life? Worried about spending too much for the classes which would provide the training needed for this profession? Worry no more. This is where animation scholarships come in. These types of financial assistance lessen a student’s worries about paying for tuition, classes, and materials, so he or she can focus more on learning and developing animation skills.

Animation scholarships are typically open to artistic students hoping to see their animations bring life to video games, commercials, advertising, television, and film. While animation requires some artistic talent, to succeed as a professional animator, it is also necessary to learn skills in composition, 2D animation, 3D animation, character animation, illustration software, visual effects, layout design, sound effects, storytelling, modeling, and other techniques. Scholarships help students fund these courses and obtain their Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, or Master of Fine Arts degrees.

It is not really that hard to look for animation scholarships. Different organizations such as the World Studio Foundation, Sundance Institute, Rhythm and Hues, the Art Institute, Warner Bros. Studios, and Nickelodeon may offer scholarships for aspiring animators and can be found by doing a simple online search. Scholarships are also offered by some trade groups, community groups, and contests throughout the year. Some animation scholarships are offered to undergraduate students while others may only accept graduate applicants. It is key that you understand all the requirements of a scholarship before applying for better chances of success.

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