California is undoubtedly the center or at least the heart of the entertainment universe. From Hollywood films to the digital sound and realistic action born in Silicon Valley, there is a regular need for computer savvy artists with skills obtained at one of the many California animation programs. Talent alone can get an individual started, but to excel in the digital and traditional animation fields, proper training is a must. California is beautiful and full of opportunities, but the environment is also a competitive one. Certifications and skills will help provide an edge over the competition.

There are many positions for which California animation programs will help provide the necessary training. The internet today offers one of the most lucrative. Websites often require animations to get the point across to visitors or to offer a commercial perspective. Humor sites also need the kind of talent California animation programs provide; someone with the ability to bring a story board to life for its writers is indispensable in many situations. 

In addition to website animation needs, the film industry is often seeking fresh talent that only quality California animation programs can offer. Special effects, illustrated sequences, full feature cartoons, and even companion pieces designed to serve as part of an advertising campaign can require illustrations and animation. Not just any programmer can offer the right services, so being diverse and understanding multiple genres, methods, and styles can mean the difference between getting the contract or position and having to do accept than a dream job to get by. 

An overlooked option, the field of tutorial or educational production, often forgoes live action for animation. Video games and interactive programs also need detail oriented artists with a flair for cohesion and the ability to weave a believable, captivating story. Saying that animation is merely child’s play no longer applies, as these often epic undertakings are a multi billion dollar industry.

California animation programs are usually designed with diversity and the end results in mind. They can help a student determine strengths and weaknesses as well as preferences while making an individual more competitive and desirable in the animation field. After all, animation has grown beyond children’s programming and has become much more of a technical field while still requiring artistic talent and aesthetic skill. 

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