In the world of careers, there is simply an abundance of choices any person can take. With being an animator, it is a great job and a very rewarding experience once an audience appreciates their work. The animation job description encompasses the day-to-day work of a common animator, making epic animations in which the world loves.
The animation job description can never be complete without examples of famous works. There are countless impressive animations around the world. There are Japanese anime’ such as “Akira”, Disney 3d movies such as “Toy Story”, stop-motion animation such as Gumby, and the epic movie “Star Wars”. All of them are the work of the finest animators around the world.
Along with getting a great salary by being animators, their task is to produce a multitude of images and sequenced together to form an optical illusion in which the images seem to move, this is known to us as animation. There are many variations of animation, from 2D, 3D, real world stop-motion and many more. There are numerous sub categories of the aforementioned animations as there can also be various forms of presenting them.
In the business and entertainment industry, the animation job description fits their services, making them a commodity as to promote or create a great production for their clients. The typical task of animator is to create animation. However, they also have duties and responsibilities such as negotiating to clients and develop the animation from their concept. They create a storyboard in which follows the script and narrative. After, they can now draw sketches, illustrations and artwork.
Animators can draw accurate details of frames. This can be their specialty and the root of the animation job description, working also as part of the production. They closely work with the copywriters, photographers, designers, executives, marketing specialists and other connections related to the project.
The animation job description has a variety of arsenal in which they can express their style to their preferred medium. The tools of the modern animator usually have the following software to their liking. From flash, Studio Max, Maya, Softimage, cinema 4D and the classic materials such as oil paint, clay, watercolors, acrylics, plaster and every coloring material available.
They also have the job to design backgrounds, models, characters, and objects as the story requires. Upon those of which needs timing in which characters move during the sequences of the story, they adjust and trigger animations and the physics of the dialogue especially the mouth during conversations.
Upon most tasks, they are the most common and usually being done everyday by animators. As with spending many hours of work on the drawing board or in a computer, they get priceless moments after the work is done especially when being praised for their work, this is why animators love their job.
In any way, the animators’ job description is much likely a better way to entice aspiring artists to join the coveted career option, as they can easily enthrall their audience with the images that flow flawlessly to merge beautifully with the story.

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