Many creative people wonder if animation employment is something that they should pursue. They wonder if they have the skills and talent to even consider animation, which is a career that many dream of from the time they are very young children. As kids, we often spend countless hours watching our favorite animated television and movie characters and imagine what it would be like to actually create those characters ourselves.

Well, animation employment isn’t such a far-fetched idea. The talents of creative animators are highly valued in a number of fields. New computer technology makes animation employment a possibility even for those who previously thought they had no talent for drawing, painting, or sketching.

A strong interest in animation, a few original ideas, and a computer animation degree or certificate from a vocational school may be all that you need to set off on making your dreams of a career in animation a reality. Courses can teach you how to use graphic design and animation software and the techniques that you need to make awesome animated creations.

Before you know it, in a few short months or years, you may find yourself with a growing portfolio of animation projects. At that point, you may qualify for an entry-level position at even the biggest and best animation studios. Is it out of the question to think that you could work for Disney or DreamWorks? Is it that impossible to envision creating cartoons for Warner Brothers or even creating videogames for Nintendo? Well, it should not be. With a bit of determination, a good work ethic and loads of creativity, your animation employment dreams can become reality.

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