Animation colleges give you the training you need to start a career in the exciting field of game animation.

Animation colleges offer a plethora of different avenues for expressing your creativity.  It’s amazing what opportunities are available for budding artists these days.  When I was younger, drawing was just a hobby.  I didn’t consider it to be a legitimate choice for a career.  Now there is a growing call for trained animators.  There is also the real possibility of starting your own business with a little bit of talent, a good idea, and a sense of commitment.  For example, games of every sort are popping up all over, and not just from the big well known companies. Just take a look around the Internet and see for yourself. 

Flash games are everywhere, and they are becoming more popular everyday.  A lot of these games are constantly putting out new content in order to keep their current players and attract new ones.  Animation colleges can help you use your ideas to create items for people to enjoy in current and future games.  You could even work towards making a new game if you were so inclined. 

The nice thing about flash animation is that it is everywhere and more simplistic than other venues for animation.  This makes the games appealing to a variety of people for a variety of reasons.  They are generally cute and easy to use so children are one target group.  Parents will often play as well, because the games are simple, don’t take a lot of time, and they like to play with their kids.  Then there are other adults that will play for free mindless fun that doesn’t require a huge time commitment.  Because they are easy, people will often play a number of different games everyday.  That means that the market is virtually limitless for good ideas to find an audience.  The main thing to remember is that the animation is important, because that is what people see first.  So a well trained animator is a necessity.

If you wanted to take the game idea further, there is always more traditional game animation to consider.  These games are definitely more complicated than flash games, but they may be just the challenge for which you are looking.  The animation in the majority of current video games is more realistic.  The characters look more like real people and the backgrounds can look like paintings.  This means you may have a greater artistic outlet, especially as you advance in your career.

Not only is the animation visually more complex, but so are the background processes that drive the games. The great thing is, Animation colleges teach more than just animation.  You will learn a variety of skills needed to become successful in the video game industry. 

Animation colleges are a great starting place for achieving the life you want.  With some dedication, you will be well equipped to start on a path towards a fulfilling career no matter what your chosen path.  I think it is an exciting time to be someone who wants drawing to be more than just a hobby!

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