If you are looking for Animation classes in Vancouver we have compiled a comprehensive list of courses from schools across the area. Feel free to browse these Animation classes in Vancouver and search for schools to request information:

International Academy of Design and Technology

The Animation program is designed to provide students with the advanced conceptual and technical skills needed to enter the field of computer animation. Utilizing industry standard hardware and software, the animation student is exposed to a comprehensive course of study in the processes of 2D animation, 3D animation, character development, game art, and special effects animation. Strong foundations in the principles of storyboarding, drawing, modeling, and animation are coupled with training in digital video and professional post-production techniques.

GAME 105 Drawing Techniques I

This course presents design concepts and techniques that are used to create media assets for production-based projects. Students will study prop design, perspective, character, and environment design.

ANMT 425 3D Animation III

This course will explore acting for animators. Techniques for the application of animation to pre-existing character rigs will serve as the foundation of the course. Advanced animation techniques are implemented in a progressive manor throughout this course. This course relies heavily on the critiquing process for learning to develop an “eye” for animation.

GAME 225 Texture and Lighting

This course explores lighting in the real world and in virtual space. Students should be able to texture assets, props and environments, for proper implementation with game engine technology. They will have the opportunity to learn techniques to create, manipulate, and optimize the use of textures and lighting in the game engine.

ANMT 335 Advanced Modeling

This course further develops 3D modeling and texturing skills. Industry -based software and practices will be utilized through character development and advanced character creation using 3D sculpting techniques.

Vancouver College of Art and Design

The 3D Modeling Animation Art & Design program focuses on providing graduates with a solid foundation in the technical and artistic skills needed to be successful in the game, animation and CGI industries. Key to this is a genuine understanding of storytelling, game design, game play, modelling, and animation techniques. Students will acquire a solid foundation in traditional artistic techniques. Students will learn color theory, design fundamentals and life drawing, and will apply this knowledge to the production and animation of characters, lighting, texturing, layout and design. Students will be able to apply industry standard software tools and techniques to production processes. A key program outcome is an industry standard portfolio.

CM10D Color & Design

The purpose of this course is to introduce the students to the fundamental principles of design and color theory. Students will be introduced to the principle concepts of design such as layout, composition and balance, as well as the theories of color and how to use color creatively. These concepts will be presented in theory as well as reinforced through specific practical exercises and activities that will serve to demonstrate how each of the concepts is integrated into good design.

GA21E Character Design

This course explores the design and production of characters for the animation and video game industry. Students will learn the principles of good character design, from research to final detailing, while focusing on character development, style, and personality. Students will apply principles and techniques of design and anatomy to achieve the expressive, well-developed, appealing characters. By the end of this course, students should be able to work with a variety of styles, archetypes and body structures to construct their characters.

GA30C Sculpture

In this course, students will transfer their knowledge of anatomy and drawing of anatomical parts to a three dimensional sculpture. This course explores the materials, tools and techniques used in producing a sculpture and how to refine the sculpture into a finished work of art.

GA60D Advanced 3D Animation

This course covers the advanced topics in 3D animation. Students will learn to produce real-time 3D animations and work with camera angles and lighting techniques to produce complex animations and effects. Students will learn to distinguish between camera movement and character movement in an animation. Students will be required to apply previously acquired skills in design, modeling, rigging and animation to produce an animation from design to final rendering.


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