If you are looking for Animation classes in Florida we have compiled a comprehensive list of courses from schools across the area. Feel free to browse these Animation classes in FL and search for schools to request information:

Digital Media Arts College

The accelerated 3-year BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) Computer Animation program at Digital Media Arts College prepares students for the animation industry by providing them with advanced and continuously updated labs, experienced, caring faculty, and personal attention. Students have over 15 technical courses dealing with modeling, animating, texturing, and lighting starting from the very first semester. Digital Media Arts College graduates are prepared for competitive careers as 3-D character animators, modelers, story board artists and many more opportunities with an amazing demo reel that they have developed during the course of the program. 

CG 2030 Animation I

This course emphasizes an understanding of three-dimensional computer-generated animations and incorporates fundamental computer animation techniques developed in previous courses. Further exploration of the principles of animation as applied to the human figure. Included in the curriculum is the introduction of particle systems and dynamics. This course contains a lab component.

CG 4000 Animation Production

Students will experience a pre-production course, designed to be used as a foundation to build on for the production of a senior project. Phases include initial story creation, animation script, staging plan, lighting and sound design. The end product of this class will be a presentation of 3D animatic, storyboards, script and all designs. This course contains a lab component.

CG 3050 Digital Compositing and Visual Effects

The course focus is on understanding the production pipeline and the digital compositing role in that process. This course incorporates a strong emphasis on the creation of visual effects in the world of filmmaking. This class also marks the Second Annual Portfolio Review for students. This course contains a lab component.

Full Sail University

Learn the tools and processes to bring amazing new worlds and characters to life. Full Sail University’s Computer Animation Bachelor’s Degree Program instructs in the creation of 3D computer graphics – emphasizing the techniques used throughout the entertainment media industry to feature length films, visual effects, commercials and video games. Students learn the entire animation process starting with storyboards and computer generated models. These concepts are then fully developed into animation projects that culminate with the creation of your own professional demo reel.

CGA 221 2D Animation

The 2D Animation Course develops students’ appreciation of the technique and craft involved in hand-drawn 2D animation, and promotes the understanding and successful application of the fundamental principles of traditional animation. Using pencil and paper to explore this art form, students are physically responsible for controlling and manipulating a subject’s volume, weight, proportion, acting, and movement, thus gaining a more thorough understanding of the animation process. This foundation of traditional animation broadens students’ skills as computer animators and enhances their creative ability.

CGA 251 Art Creation For Games

The Art Creation for Games Course provides students with a strong knowledge of the way real time 3D content is modeled and textured. Students develop gaming models of simple and complex props, foliage, and various game environments. Special attention will be paid to the creation of clean and optimized models for use in games.

CGA 121 3D Foundations

The 3D Foundations Course familiarizes students with the fundamentals of creating 2D and 3D computer graphics using Autodesk Maya and Adobe Photoshop. Students learn the interface and controls of both programs as they learn basic animation skills that prepare them for the more advanced courses later in the Computer Animation Bachelor of Science Degree Program.

International Academy of Design and Technology

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program in Computer Animation is designed to teach students the advanced conceptual and technical skills needed to enter the field of computer animation, game art and game design. 

This career-focused Computer Animation degree program explores professional principles and practices in the computer animation and game industry. Students will be instructed in the principles of drawing, character development in both 2D and 3D. Students will have an opportunity to develop characters, animations, amazing worlds and special effects like those used in feature films, television and games.

ANMT 115 2D Animation I

This course explores vector graphics and animation. Principles of design and animation used to create a series of vector illustration pieces and animations will be presented. Interactivity will be introduced.

ANMT 425 3D Animation III

This course will explore acting for animators. Techniques for the application of animation to pre-existing character rigs will serve as the foundation of the course. Advanced animation techniques are implemented in a progressive manor throughout this course. This course relies heavily on the critiquing process for learning to develop an “eye” for animation.

ANMT 485 Animation Capstone

The Animation capstone is a research-based course that integrates concepts and work from throughout the program. Projects will simulate a professional animation studio environment.


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