If you are looking for Animation classes in California we have compiled a comprehensive list of courses from schools across the area. Feel free to browse these Animation classes in CA and search for schools to request information:

Brooks Institute

Electronic media allow for graphics to enter the third dimension. In this Digital Animation training course students study the process of creating shapes and objects in a 3D digital environment, with an emphasis on modeling set up for animation. Projects include the creation of wire frame figures and objects and the creation of surfaces with the goal of realistic form and tonal value. Find out today if our Digital Animation training program is right for you.

DGN320 Web Design 2

This course introduces students to the concepts of animation and time-based design as it relates to website development and content. Students will have the opportunity to use industry standard software to create animations suitable for web use. Students will also be expected to create websites built around the concept of time-based events. Concepts of web site organization will also be covered. Students will be expected to produce a variety of animations and other time-based projects, as well as a functioning website utilizing the tools and concepts covered in this course.

MED432 Advanced Web Design

This course introduces the use of non-HTML web editing software such as Macromedia’s Flash. Integration of non- HTML graphics to HTML based web designs will be covered. Construction of fully featured non-HTML sites is required and may include the use of type, still images, QTVR, video, animation, sound, and scripting. Depending on the assignment, students will use a combination of HTML, WYSIWYG and non-HTML image editing programs to construct web site designs. Course participants create a finished, on-line, operative site that may include photography, film or video, artwork, and design concepts.

Academy of Art University

The best video game and animation companies recruit our graduates because we are one of the top animation schools in the nation. Come here if you want the best resources and instructors from top companies like Pixar and Electronic Arts. We offer undergraduate and graduate animation degree programs, online classes, and continuing education.

ANM 105: Computer Animation Production

In this course, students will learn the entire production pipeline from story idea and development to recording animations to tape. The language, processes and equipment of digital animation and its production environment are discussed. The focus of this course is on titling, image processing, compositing and 3D animation.

ANM 221: 3D Character Animation 1

This course builds upon information introduced in 3D Modeling and Animation 2. Students focus on conceptualizing, storyboarding and executing a high quality animation project.

The Los Angeles Film School

You’ve seen the movies, you’ve played the games, and now you’re ready to start creating the 3D animated characters, models, and worlds that you’ve been dreaming about.


The Computer Animation Project course allows students to use their talent, skills, and imagination to create a professional animated sequence based on their submitted storyboards. This course will develop the students’ overall knowledge of computer animation workflow, pipeline, and production, and teach them to use that knowledge in the creation of an animated sequence. The project is run in a production environment where it must be completed within set deadlines while utilizing available resources. The course prepares students for the methods, environments, and conditions experienced in the production arena.


The 3D Foundations course familiarizes students with the fundamentals of creating 2D and 3D computer graphics. Students learn the interface and controls of both programs as they learn basic animation skills that prepare them for the more advanced courses later in the Computer Animation Associate of Science Degree Program.

International Academy of Design and Technology

The Animation program is designed to provide students with the advanced conceptual and technical skills needed to enter the field of computer animation. Utilizing industry standard hardware and software, the animation student is exposed to a comprehensive course of study in the processes of 2D animation, 3D animation, character development, game art, and special effects animation. Strong foundations in the principles of storyboarding, drawing, modeling, and animation are coupled with training in digital video and professional post-production techniques.

ANMT 290 StudioTechniques I

This class examines production techniques used in transferring cells to film and to video. Film, audio, video basics and compositing of various media are also covered.

ANMT 425 3D Animation III

This course will explore acting for animators. Techniques for the application of animation to pre-existing character rigs will serve as the foundation of the course. Advanced animation techniques are implemented in a progressive manor throughout this course. This course relies heavily on the critiquing process for learning to develop an “eye” for animation.


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