Amanda Sage (born 1978) is a visionary painter who divides her time creating in both Los Angeles, California, and Vienna, Austria. Under the tutelage of Ernst and Michael Fuchs, Sage studied the techniques of the Old Masters in Vienna. Shortly after graduating high school, Sage traveled to Bali to complete volunteer work and contribute illustrations of indigenous plants for an illustrated herbal book. She has also contributed designs for a Batik clothing project, though now her focus remains on visionary painting. Sage is known for her use of the Misch technique, and is one of the few artists that teach this method of mixed method painting that incorporates the use of egg tempura, oil-based paints, and resins to create luminous, realistic images.

Today, Sage continues to travel the world to teach and exhibit work. Her creations have been readily embraced by the Burning Man culture, and she is considered one of the foremost artists within the visionary painting movement, which includes Alex Grey, Robert Venosa, and Romio Shrestha. Her work has been exhibited worldwide in solo and group exhibits in London, Bali, San Francisco, Berlin, Seattle, and Colorado. Her work is also included in several private collections internationally. For more information on Amanda Sage’s work, lectures, or exhibits, visit her website or follow her on Twitter.

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