Alex McLeod (born 1984) is a 3D artist currently living and working in Toronto, Canada. McLeod received his B.F.A. from the Ontario College of Art & Design, where he began his studies in drawing, then switched courses to study 3D modeling and digital imagery. Combining his first love of sketching with his passion for digital creations, McLeod produces C-prints of highly imaginative, whimsical landscapes reminiscent of children’s videogames and futuristic, dream-like scenes. His work is created digitally with the use of digital programs including Photoshop, AfterEffects, SculptMaster, Cinema 4D, and UDK. His creations have been presented as lightjet prints, animations and interactive video projects.

Alex McLeod’s work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in in galleries throughout the world, including Toronto, San Francisco, New York, Florida, Sao Paulo, and Montreal. His work is featured in permanent collections at the Museum of Canadian Contemporary Art, as well as at BMO Financial Group, TORYS LLP, and MMPI Canada.

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