The film industry is one of the most innovative and exciting fields to build a career on. Creative individuals find it a rewarding industry to be in because it offers them endless opportunities with which to use and improve their talents. Aspiring film directors, cinematographers, scriptwriters and sound directors who want to learn filmmaking in a picturesque location have plenty of choices waiting for them in Alaska film colleges. Alaska’s scenery is breathtaking, offering students a million and one ways to use their imagination and creativity.

What to expect

Alaska film colleges offer several options for new students. For those who prefer shorter courses that would qualify them to work in film can choose from Diploma, Certificate or Associate programs while students who prefer longer courses can choose to complete a Bachelor’s degree. These programs are designed to teach the students on the history, art and techniques of filmmaking and prepare them for a career in their chosen field. Students can also choose whether they prefer to attend traditional classes or learn online depending on their preference and availability.

Job prospects

Graduates of Alaska film colleges will find a large number of job opportunities in the industry ranging from actual filmmaking and producing to sound and editing to set design. Although graduates frequently relocate in order to reach mainstream audiences for their film productions, they will find more opportunities closer to home because of the Alaska Film Production Incentive Program. The program is designed to attract major film productions by providing experienced local crew and a competitive infrastructure. As a result, more local graduates will be able to find work in the industry they trained for.

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