It is rightly claimed that advertising is the epitome of any business, the obvious medium that is proof of the existence of that very business. Be that as it may, learning how to advertise commercially is obviously not an easy option and advertising schools are springing up around the world to teach students the craft behind the art. There are many online degree courses in advertising; many online courses which offer qualifications and many that are not accredited to any particular standard. The Academy of Art University claims a top place amongst the various advertising schools in the US. It is fully accredited and offers a number of modules to make up the full course.

Advertising needs to be effective and a business cannot afford to take chances on whether the person they are hiring knows how to advertise or not. The Academy of Art University provides a wide spectrum of experience for their students, each student graduating with an impressive portfolio of work to impress prospective employers. The course offered focuses on both the traditional media and on interactive advertising which is an emerging market. Graduates will know how to apply their knowledge regardless of which kind of work they are applying for and have the skills to succeed.

At advertising schools some of the modules studied include strategic communication, visual communication skills, typography and fundamental design skills, conceptual and critical thinking, research and analytical skills and history content which involve historical research within the conceptual process. Fundamental copywriting skills are learned, together with understanding branding and various management skills are also taught to enable the graduate to be able to run their own businesses. Included in this are fundamental account planning skills, ability to understand social and consumer trends, organization and management skills, collaborative skills and professional readiness.

Word has it, however, that the Miami Ad School is the crème de la crème of the advertising schools. The original Miami Ad School, based in the US, offers a choice of six different courses. These include art direction, copywriting, digital design, fashion photography, account planning, and communication planning. Graduates from Miami Ad School find employment in many of the biggest companies, many of these being Fortune 500 companies. Miami Ad School is not just based in Miami, however, but has base schools in Sao Paulo, San Francisco, and Minneapolis, Hamburg in Germany and Madrid in Spain.

As an integral part of each student’s training they can opt to spend part of their course in another base school or a ‘greenhouse’ school located in a number of locations around the world such as Amsterdam, London, Stockholm and Paris. and, if you are not a resident of the US or you are unable to get to the US but can make it to the UK, Miami Ad School have opened a two-year diploma course of their own in London, located in the Saatchi and Saatchi Building. There is any number of other good universities in the UK as well which offer courses in advertising. One of the best advertising schools in the UK, recommended by the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, includes Falmouth, in Cornwall. Also recommended are Bucks University, Leeds and Farnham as well as the London College of Communication.

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