Are you thinking of joining the advertising line? Do you know what an advertising job description entails?
Advertising covers a very broad spectrum. There are many types of advertisements for various industries and sectors. There are also different mediums of advertising like television, radio, internet and print.

Briefly, the job description for advertising is to put up advertisements in the media such as television, radio, newspapers, magazines or internet. The advertisements could be for selling a product or service. For example, a company hires an advertising agency or advertiser to publicize the sale of its product. Then, the advertiser may put up a simple print advertisement or a more complicated television advertisement complete with actors, dialogue and music. Even a simple television “jingle” with one or two models promoting the product might suffice!
People who want to request for a product or service could advertise as well. For example, a company may ask for a job advertisement indicating vacancies to be filled. Or someone may want a special service and feel the need for an advertisement. Indeed, advertising is very wide!

As an advertiser, you can work for an advertising agency which specializes in certain areas. Or you can work in the advertising department of a company. Normally, a small company does not have a specific advertising department or section. The function of advertising might be combined with public relations, marketing, sales and promotion all rolled into one. You might be assigned such a task! But, for the role of advertising, it might be basically a matter of interacting and discussing about the relevant company ads with the advertising agency.
In big companies, there might be separate departments for advertising, marketing, promotion and sales.  With regards to this, advertising might be very closely related to other sections like media and creative services and covering a more specific job scope due to the size of the firm.

Nevertheless, the advertisers who work in either small or big companies still need to deal with the advertising agencies. Advertising sounds simple enough but, normally, advertisers specialize in certain areas. By doing so, they are more focused on producing work of high quality and standard. Basically, the advertising job description in an agency involves working with clients to meet their objectives.

The advertiser needs to identify the client‘s target group, purpose for an advertisement (for example, new product or service) and budget constraints. Considering all these, the advertiser has to come out with an appropriate advertising design proposal to be presented to the client. Such a design proposal should be effective and creative enough to attract the relevant consumers! Hence, a specialized and experienced advertiser would come in handy!

If the client approves, then, the advertiser proceeds with the advertising campaign. But, unless the client achieves his objective for advertising, the advertiser‘s job is considered not over. Satisfying your client‘s need plays a primary role towards building a good reputation as an advertiser!

In summary, the job description for advertising involves some expertise in marketing and promoting, creativity and advertising savvy!

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