What do you need to get ahead in advertising?

Advertising is a proving a popular choice with today’s graduate. With all that competition what can make someone stand out?

Advertising is one of the most coveted of career choices by graduates today. This is hardly surprising as it offers them the opportunity to express themselves in a profession that is both creative and results orientated.
Advertising is a very competitive industry as the reward can be great, both in the sense of achievement and financially as successful campaign can be rewarded with large bonuses.

Advertising is big business and every year companies spend an enormous amount of money promoting their products and their brands. It is a complex, high pace, high risk industry. A successful advertiser needs to thoroughly understand the motivations of the target market.

With so much money and a company’s fortune at stake, to be successful in advertising you need to have a solid foundation and understanding as mistakes are expensive.

Advertising colleges can help give you the knowledge that would otherwise take years and years of work experience to acquire.  So if you what to work in advertising you can stand out from the crowd by taking an advertising qualification at one of the many advertising colleges up and down the country. In fact you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home as many advertising colleges now offer a range of courses online or by correspondence. Part time or online courses are particularly useful if you are looking to change career and want to retrain whilst keeping your full time job.

There are many advertising colleges and it is important to choose the one that is right for you and that offers the specializations that interest you.

Some advertising colleges offer courses that are broad and provide a general foundation in advertising. However you could choose to go to one of the advertising colleges that offer a more specific course where you can focus on television commercials, radio commercials, newspaper advertising or advertising for charities to name but a few.

Some advertising colleges offer courses that have a heavy business bias with a stronger focus on marketing and market analysis. Some marketing colleges offer courses that focus greatly on strategy; this type of course is particularly useful if you aspire to work in senior management.

Many aspiring advertising execs find that internships help them get valuable experience and make their résumés stand out from the crowd. Some advertising colleges offer an internship as part of the course and others have industry contacts and will be able to help you arrange an internship.

After studying advertising there are a wide range of career options available to you.
Account managers: They liaise directly with clients and solve any problems they may have.

Art Directors: Are responsible for the advertising campaign
Copywriters: They use their creative and marketing skills to write the advertising copy.
Media Planner: They choose the type of media, book the advertising space and in the case of radio or television commercials they decide what time the commercials should be broadcast.

Advertising is an exciting career and can offer great prospects for a motivated graduate who has the right foundations and attitude, which can be demonstrated though both work experience from an internship and an advertising qualification.

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