If you are looking for Advertising classes in Florida we have compiled a comprehensive list of courses from schools across the area. Feel free to browse these Advertising classes in FL and search for schools to request information:

Digital Media Arts College

Advertising Design at Digital Media Arts College is a concentration within the Graphic Design undergraduate program combining the communicative and aesthetic problem solving of graphic design, compelling copywriting, strategic planning, and creative branding in order to develop multimedia marketing campaigns that reach intended target audiences for products and services. In addition to the developing multi-level visual problem solving skills of graphic design, learning the technical demands of digital imaging software, and establishing a core foundation in fine arts fundamentals, students studying in the Advertising Design Concentration at DMAC take courses in designing ad campaigns, interactive media, art direction management, and copywriting.

CGD 2052 Advertising Concept Design

This course presents a rational approach to the creative process in advertising design. Here, students develop concepts with “roughs” through which they explore the uses of copy, typography, photography and illustration in design from inception to conclusion. This course contains a lab component.

CGD 2040 Corporate Marketing and Design

This course involves designing a corporate logo that is then implemented in marketed branding package which may include stationery, advertising, forms and other miscellaneous projects. This course contains a lab component.

CGD 3053 Advertising Campaigns II

This class is a continuation of CGD 2053 Advertising Campaigns I with a focus on the creation of a fully integrated advertising/promotional campaign for an international name brand account, from primary research to ultimate sales results.

CGD 2053 Advertising Campaigns I

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then great campaign ideas are the platinum card to advertising career success. This course will focus directly on training students on the fundamentals or required strategies and objectives for conceiving a campaign to provide an experience in advertising from concept through execution to sell effective advertising to the target audience desired through print and electronic mass media.

International Academy of Design and Technology

The Advertising Design program is designed to prepare students for careers in advertising; more specifically the design, creation, and implementation of advertising and marketing campaigns. The program examines the graphic, typographic, photographic, audio/video elements of advertising, and supportive advertising copy. The development of marketing and advertising campaigns is covered as well as the roles of e-commerce, branding, project management, media planning, and consumer behavior.

ADVT 110 Advertising Concepts

This course provides a survey of the advertising environment and advertising as a communications tool, including how it affects the target audience. Topics include integrated marketing communications, consumer behavior, brand strategy, and media.

ADVT 420 Campaign Advertising

This course examines strategies for developing and directing a media mix across a variety of print and online formats and for designing messages which reflect both audience and client “contact” relationships.

ADVT 485 Advertising Design Capstone

The Advertising Design capstone is a research-based course that integrates concepts and work from throughout the program. Students will integrate skills, knowledge, and creativity to produce a project that will showcase professional expertise in a chosen career field.

ADVT 450 Media Planning

This course will challenge students with the problems, techniques and strategy of buying advertising space and time effectively and economically in newspapers, magazines, radio, television, Internet and outdoor media.


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