If you are looking for Advertising classes in California we have compiled a comprehensive list of courses from schools across the area. Feel free to browse these Advertising classes in CA and search for schools to request information:

Academy of Art University

At the Academy of Art University’s advertising school, you learn an integrated approach to marketing communications that is backed by solid strategic thinking. The nation’s top advertising school shows you how to use creativity with professional skills training to get the best advertising jobs. We offer undergraduate and graduate advertising degree programs, online classes, and continuing education.

ADV 112: Marketing & Advertising Strategies

This is a foundations-level course covering the strategic basis of all advertising. This course concentrates on developing a creative brief from which core advertising concepts are generated.

ADV 215: Copywriting 2

Using the skills learned in Copywriting 1, students will expand their writing abilities to create body copy that works with their headlines. Conceptual and strategic thinking are stressed.

ADV 241: Advertising Creative 1

Students will study the art of ad creation, focusing on the development of compelling concepts. The purposes, possibilities, and practices for creating ads are explored.

Brooks Institute

The Advertising major is designed to prepare students to enter the competitive and highly rewarding field of creating imagery that sells. Businesses of all types urgently need the skills of advertising photographers to make their products stand out in a media saturated world. Areas of specialization may include still life, product, food, people, fashion, or automotive photography.

MAR301 Marketing and Promotion

This course will focus on defining the wedding industry marketplace and current opportunities through an overview of historical, current and potential trends. It will seek to provide an understanding of how to read the marketplace demographics and psychographics through market research and studies. Important sources of continued business will be illustrated in the world-wide web, client referrals, vendor relationships, direct response techniques and other promotional tools. There will be specific emphasis on electronic media, social networking, print advertising/promotion and vendor relationships. Referral based development through clients or vendors will be explained. The importance of branding will be demonstrated. Viral and guerrilla marketing techniques will also be discussed.

ADV321 Commercial Photography

The emphasis in this intermediate level course is on creativity, the enhancement of conceptual understanding and problem solving while reinforcing previously learned techniques. Students can gain practical experience in fashion, still life and the use of people in conceptual corporate/advertising photography.

ADV322 Advertising Photo Concepts

This course completes a survey of various forms of commercial advertising photography that is started in Commercial Photography (ADV321). Emphasis is placed upon development of concepts, and shooting to a layout. Assignment photography from estimating to billing is discussed. Photo business practices and strategies are introduced.

International Academy of Design and Technology

The Advertising Design program is designed to prepare students for careers in advertising; more specifically the design, creation, and implementation of advertising and marketing campaigns. The program examines the graphic, typographic, photographic, audio/video elements of advertising, and supportive advertising copy. The development of marketing and advertising campaigns is covered as well as the roles of e-commerce, branding, project management, media planning, and consumer behavior.

ADVT 120 Elements of Visual Advertising

This course will address the fundamental elements of Visual Advertising. Students will apply design principles and the design process to positively affect advertising communication.

ADVT 260 Copywriting

This course will examine the role of text in advertising and marketing concept, creation and placement. In order to successfully convey client message and connect with audiences, students will be expected to demonstrate a working command of language, vocabulary, syntax, hidden persuasion and the conventions of text copy within specific media and advertising outlets.

ADVT 350 Audio /Video for Advertising

This course will examine the creation of audio and video advertising and marketing elements and their power to reach and impact the broadest audiences. The essential elements of audio and video creation will be presented for study, as well as conventions, limitations and potential of the spoken word and moving images to present products and services, and influence audiences to purchase.

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