The advertising career outlook today is a promising one.  Although an advertising position can require long hours and high performance under pressure, the industry is projected to continue growing rapidly.  This means that although competition will remain intense for coveted advertising jobs, the advertising career outlook as a whole is positive.  Although an advertising career can be a challenging one to build, the high financial rewards mean a high payoff for your time and energy.  The advertising career outlook varies somewhat depending on whether you’re most interesting in finding a position with a small advertising firm, or with an industry giant.

One approach to building an advertising career is to target yourself to become a member of the advertising staff of a small firm.  The advertising career outlook for these lean, streamlined businesses is promising, as global economic changes increase client demands for fast response times and quick reactions to market changes, hallmarks of these kinds of firms.  The advertising career outlook for working in a small firm is especially promising if you enjoy working closely with colleagues and are comfortable sharing projects with senior and junior team members, as the lines of hierarchy in a small advertising firm are much more flexible than those in a larger company.  In a small firm, you will likely serve as a communication point for a wide range of collaborators, as you contract out some jobs and tasks to other agencies.  To build this kind of advertising career, it’s important to show that you are a great team player, and there’s no better way to do that than with a resume that offers a proven track record of success in both leadership and support roles in your work history.  Small firms tend to be most interested in employees who can show that they have insight into the cultural cutting edge, as these kinds of firms often partner with clients who are emerging rather than established businesses.

The advertising career outlook for someone hoping to gain traction at a larger advertising firm is somewhat different.  At a large firm, you will succeed best if you are excited by and interested in the task of working your way up a defined ladder.  Getting your foot in the door at a large advertising firm can be one of the most challenging points in your advertising career, but once you find job placement at one of these kinds of businesses, even if its in what feels like a minor role like a receptionist or a mailroom clerk, you will be in a position where you can prove your dedication and creativity, earning the right to be promoted to a more substantial member of the team.  If a position at a large firm that handles most of its business within the company, rather than contracting work out to others in the field, that means the advertising career outlook for you is largely about creating an impressive portfolio and building solid references that will get you in the door.  From there, how positive your advertising career outlook is will depend on your ability to network within your given company, proactively anticipating the needs of your superiors.

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