Our Mission

FindYourArtSchool.com is dedicated to helping serious students make an informed decision about their future. With professional advice for choosing a field of study, finding the perfect school, and launching a successful career in the arts, we are quickly becoming a premiere online destination for prospective art students.

Our Approach

Our management team boasts over thirty years of combined internet marketing experience that ranges from paid-per-click advertising to electronic direct marketing. We leverage proprietary technology to optimize and qualify leads based on search behavior, questionnaires and in-site tracking. In short, our approach is twofold – we provide partners with the hottest leads possible while ensuring that students only receive information from schools that best fit their needs, interests and career goals.

Who’s Behind Find Your Art School.com

As mentioned above, FindYourArtSchool.com is composed of a talented staff with years of online marketing experience. However, the team also includes two former art school students who helped shape Find Your Art School.com based on their experiences as high school students seeking expert guidance. While lead generation is the main benefit for our partners, our main concern still remains fulfilling the needs of each and every student that visits our site.

Contact Information
Our postal address is:
1072 Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA, 94107