Digital design schools offer courses that teach graphic design arts through the use of computer software such as, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and CorelDraw. Designing used to be a small-time job, but today’s Internet age has changed all that; digital design is more important than ever and in great demand. What’s more, most jobs in the industry pay a hefty sum of money to creative talents.

Digital design schools offer various programs to incoming students. Certificate programs can be completed usually within 12 months. Bachelor’s degrees are full time and can be completed within three to four years; part-time students who need to work for a living while completing their studies usually finish within six years.

Certificate programs from digital design schools provide basic digital design training involving common design tools like Photoshop and Illustrator. Also included are basic education units on graphic design, history, and conceptualization. Although the training and education are fundamental, certificate programs do prepare the student for a fruitful career in digital design, or advanced study. This program is transferrable to an Associate’s degree or a Bachelor’s degree program.

Bachelor’s degrees are more intensive. Some of the majors in this category include Game Design, Animation, Advertising, Fine Arts, and Web Design. Studies at digital design schools are comprehensive and cover a range of subjects. A student can expect to cover the following coursework:

• Digital design basics

• Color theory

• Drawing and concept

• Art history

• Traditional animation

• 3D rendering and animation

• Figure drawing

• Game development art

• Concept development

• Digital sculpture

• Motion capture

• Scripting

• Portfolio

• Web design and development

• Advertising design

Digital design schools offer offline and online courses. If you are a busy person, you may opt to finish your studies and training online. You can save both time and money as online tuitions are often more affordable and you would not need to consider the time and effort spent in commuting to and from school. However, you may wish to study on campus as you have an opportunity to meet your professors and classmates in person. You can share a wealth of ideas with each other and interact on a regular basis, often fostering relationships key to post-graduate employment. Nevertheless, it is important to carefully weigh the options when considering digital design schools.

There are many career opportunities for those who graduate from digital design schools. The wide range of possible careers includes:

• Game designers

• Web developers

• Graphic artists

• Ad creators

• Graphic design editors

• Animators

• Video editors

• Photograph enhancers

Those with an entrepreneurial calling often consider starting their own design studio, photography business, advertising firm, or video and image editing business. Today, there are tremendous opportunities for new artists.

The game industry is continually growing and always in demand for fresh, new talent. As game development and animation software continue to evolve with more sophisticated tools, gaming and animation requires talented people who can adapt to the new technology.

Digital arts schools provide various opportunities for the graduate to enter a wide spectrum of fields; the gaming industry, animation industry, video production industry, marketing and advertising industry, and ecommerce industry are huge profit potentials.  

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