Even though 3D animation is taking giant leaps in the entertainment industry, 2D animation schools continue to teach aspiring animators. Two-dimensional animation is still quite hot in the marketplace. Think of popular shows on Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Animax; most of the cartoon programs on these networks are produced in 2D. If you want to develop your artistic talent and make a living out of it, you should start scouting for a quality school. 

The best way to start a career in animation is to get a related degree from one of the many 2D animation schools online and offline. It is still a good time to start earning a degree in this specific field because the growth of the industry is still soaring. Although there are self-trained animators who made it big, you will have a better chance of getting hired as an animator if you earn a degree from a reputable institution. 

Select a respectable school that provides training on specific topics of interest; seek to learn from instructors, trainers and professors from a school which produces top talents. Although there are many good 2D animation schools out there, do your research first to determine if the courses they offer and the training they provide suit the goals you want to achieve. 

There is also an option to choose between online training and on-campus training. Online training provides convenience because you can do all your school tasks at the comfort of your own home, provided you have all the necessary animation equipment you need. However, on-campus training allows you to interact with other students and perhaps meet potential, future business or work partners. The choice depends on you.

2D animation schools provide you with the necessary knowledge and training to help you develop animation skills. Aside from drawing skills, you will be trained to improve your acting skills, language skills, conceptualization skills, and creative powers. 

If you want to ensure a more versatile career, go to a school that offers additional 3D programs. Since many companies today look for 3D animators, it is best to develop your skill set in this animation category as well. Find a school that will provide you with a portfolio and a demo reel. This way, you can easily showcase your creative talents when looking for a job. 

After graduating from any of the 2D animation schools, you can gain a career related to character design, prop design, 2D game development, layout, storyboard art, and animation in general. You can also apply for related positions in the advertising industry. 

While it is important to find the best 2D animation schools, it is also important to consider your real objectives. If you are into animation for the sake of making your own animation program, you may want to master conceptualization, character development, screen writing, and storyboarding. If you want to work in a specific company, focus on mastering the requirements of the position you want to hold. Just remember that it all starts with excellent training from a respectable school.

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